Flashpoint Tournament – 27th July, 2013

The Flashpoint Tournament was held very successfully at Yew Chung International School today, with 22 teams participating and over 110 students debating. After 3 exciting preliminary impromptu rounds, Queen Elizabeth School and Po Leung Kuk Ho Yuk Ching (1984) College emerged as our Grand Finalists. Queen Elizabeth School was crowned champion, although PLK Ho Yuk Ching (1984) College put up an admirable fight – they were runners-up with a 6-1 adjudication split.


The motions for today are as follows:

Round 1: THBT television has a negative influence on young people.

Round 2: THW impose a tax on junk food.

Round 3: Thw ban cosmetic surgery.

Demonstration debate (Prop: Ben Allen, Pavan Hegde; Opp: Michelle Lam, Paul Lau): THBT superheroes are good role models for children.

Grand Finals: THBT tutorial centers are more effective than traditional schools.

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We are immensely grateful today for all the different parties who came together to make today the success it was –

To Mr. Jason Chan and Yew Chung International College, for the amazing campus and logistical support.

To Mr. Ronny Tong, Mr. Kenneth Chen, Mrs. Mehvesh Ahmed, Mr. Thom Wetzer, Mr. Greg Forse, Mr. Roy Allen and Mr. Steven Lee, for judging the Grand Finals, for steering the tournament and giving guidance, for inspiring all participants and for being generally awesome.

To Mr. Sam Yau and Campus Channel, for your coverage and support today with regards to video, photos and other media outlets.

To Amnesty International and Kids4kids, for their endorsements and support.

To all the teachers who served as adjudicators, and external adjudicators, who took the time to give precious feedback to our debaters.

To all our helpers, who volunteered to come on a lovely Saturday just to time keep and chair.

To all our tutors, who worked tirelessly in the past month going to schools, as well as today making sure everything was smooth.

To Mr. Paul Lau in particular, for the work behind the scene with the tab, the draws and sorting out the marksheets.

To ALL OF YOU – teachers, supporters and students – who were willing to train so hard in the past weeks, who were willing to wake up early to come to the tournament, who were willing to put in your all and debate against tough opponents on tough motions, and who were willing to understand and forgive if we made mistakes during the programme.

Our photographs for the day can be found on https://www.facebook.com/flashpointdebating, and we are in the process of consolidating more materials (e.g. video clips of the Grand Finals) to be uploaded onto this website.

We hope Flashpoint can continue running and your support has made this possible. Thank you once again, and continue checking this website – we will definitely have some new developments soon.

Keep speaking, keep debating (:

Motions for Flashpoint 2013 Training:

THW ban video games with violent content.

THW legalize organ selling.

THBT globalization brings more harm than good.

THW ban functional constituencies.

THBT the HK government’s $6000 handout was an unwise policy.

THW abandon nuclear energy.

THBT the media should be prevented by law from intruding into politicians’ private lives.


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