A New Chapter – James Lo (Founder), Natalie So, Pavan Hegde

In July 2013, Flashpoint made history.

It became the first-ever non-profit, student-driven debate training programme in Hong Kong, and undoubtedly one of the largest. With over 400 participants from 25 schools, our 51 high-quality tutors travelled across every corner of Hong Kong to make a difference for our students. The results were astounding. At the culminating tournament, we saw novice debaters handle three rounds of intensive debating in a single day, and a thrilling Finals match which simply demonstrated the enormous progress our students had made.

Most of all, this was a venture sprinkled with moving memories: it was the wave of gratitude our tutors received, the warm embraces at the tournament between tutors and students, the newfound passion for debating we had sparked, that truly made Flashpoint meaningful.

But one nagging question remained: what comes next?

Today, we begin a new chapter for Flashpoint. In the coming weeks you will hear about our new expansion plans: from international collaboration with similar organisations abroad, to training on new and innovative platforms, Flashpoint will bring the global perspective we value to students across Hong Kong and the world. Our signature summer programme will continue in 2014 and years to come, and we promise to hold our student-driven philosophy dear.

When Flashpoint was first founded, it was considered a miracle by many in the industry. Today, as we strive to tackle the challenge of sustainability, we will open yet more doors, and bridge yet more aspirations with accomplishment.

Stay tuned.

James Lo (Founder)

Natalie So (Leader – Logistics)

Pavan Hegde (Leader – Sponsorships)


2 thoughts on “A New Chapter – James Lo (Founder), Natalie So, Pavan Hegde

    • Hello May,

      Flashpoint is an English debating initiative intended for students with little or no prior experience. Our tutors are top-notch debaters and coaches from across the region and over the course of two weeks, will tutor students in public speaking and debating skills.

      Brian Lam
      Principal Tutor (Curriculum & Coordination)


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