Recruitment of Flashpoint OrgComm

The 2014 summer workshops were successfully held this year, with a magnificent Finals held on August 2nd at Yew Chung International School. We were delighted to have the Chief Justice Geoffrey Ma SCM QC SC as our Guest of Honor, and at the end STFA Yung Yau College defeated their valiant opponents Individuals Team 2 by a split of 3-2 on the motion “THBT the government should provide free university education.”

Thanks must be given to all tutors, adjudicators and participating schools for their continuous support. Flashpoint would not have had its second year if not for your dedication and time. Please check out the Tournament tab above for more photographs as well as our Facebook page for updates!

Stay tuned – we will soon be promoting our Christmas two-day workshops, so watch this space! Continue reading for information about our recruitment for Flashpoint OrgComm!

Flashpoint is now recruiting the first every Organizing Committee (OrgComm) since its establishment in March 2013. Since then, Flashpoint has grown to become the first-ever non-profit initiative of its kind, spreading English debate and public speaking to schools around Hong Kong. Now that Flashpoint is part of the HKSDPSC and therefore has charitable status, we hope that the project – one which embodies the spirit and aspirations of the Hong Kong debating community to pass on the torch and share the opportunities we are so lucky to receive – will be able to reach new heights. So far, we have conducted two summer workshops and Tournaments (with guests of honor including Mr. Ronny Tong SC, Mr. Kenneth Chen and the Chief Justice) and one Christmas two-day workshop and reached out to over 1000 students.

James and I have been very fortunate to have received so much support from the HKSDPSC as well as all our volunteers, who have tutored, done administrative work, tabbed, photographed and done everything in between. Since we are both going into our second year in university and hence will not be able to devote as much time to work on Flashpoint hands-on, we would like to invite current high school (and university*) students to apply to join the core OrgComm. This will consist of 5 positions: 2 Tutor Liaison Officers, 2 External Officers and 1 Logistics Officer. We intend to stay on to supervise and will help out with Flashpoint in whatever capacity necessary.

Flashpoint is very important to both of us and hopefully to everyone who has previously been involved in the project. It is more than just arranging workshops and a tournament, or a line on a CV – to be honest, Flashpoint may not even be the so-called “prestigious” post of responsibility that an admissions officer would coo over. However, it is an ongoing and extremely gratifying challenge to share our experience and knowledge so more people can learn the art of debate. This is why we hope all applicants will seriously consider why they would like to apply and more importantly, what debate and public speaking mean to you.

Interested applicants are invited to fill in the following application form. We will contact you within the week to arrange for Skype interviews. Prior experience with Flashpoint in whatever capacity is preferred but not required.

Thank you very much in advance for your interest and your applications. We look forward to hearing from you soon! Please contact us at should you have any questions about the process. Good luck!

Handover – OrgComm Roles

*University students studying in Hong Kong are welcome to apply for the OrgComm, provided that they are able to commit to the schedule required. High school students studying abroad are advised to declare this although it will not prejudice your application.


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