More details regarding Summer Workshop 2015

HKIDO-Flashpoint announces the following information regarding tutor meetings and the workshop!

  • 21st and 27th June – Tutor Briefings and Trainings
  • 11 July – Pre-workshop Session (an opportunity for tutors and their tutor groups to gather to discuss the nuances and specific needs of each group of students)
  • 20th July – 31st July – Session One
  • 17th August – 28th August – Session Two
  • 29th, 30th August – Tournament

Times for Workshop: 10:00-14:00
**Note: each session will feature 8 days out of the 10 weekdays (spanning across two weeks), with the two days used for tutor review and discussion.

Flashpoint is only open this year to students who are: i) relatively inexperienced in most debating styles or ii) complete beginners with regards to debating. We reserve the right to prioritise schools that have less well-developed debate support programmes.

After the workshops, a two-day long tournament will follow, allowing participants to actively apply the skills they’ve learnt from the workshops, and also to learn from adjudicators’ feedback and meet fellow opponents from different schools and backgrounds.
Schools are encouraged to provide their own venues for their students. This is both legally and logistically more suitable for both tutors and students. Only under exceptional cases would students (applying as schools) be admitted without a venue. In such cases, external venues would be provided.

Students may also apply independently of their schools, as individuals.
The registration forms can be accessed as follows:

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