Recap of pre-workshop briefing

The pre-workshop briefing concluded with a fully-seated Lecture Theatre at Diocesan Boys’ School on 11 July 2015 (Sat), where the organisers explained the vision and aim of the Flashpoint programme to school teachers. Tutors also engaged in personal conversations with teachers to learn more about the individual needs of schools and adjust their teaching strategies accordingly. Many thanks to Mr KH Cheng, HKSDPSC representative, as well as all participants and teachers who attended the briefing! A brief recap of the points to note of the day:-

  1. Dates of workshops Session 1 (July session) workshops begin on 20 July, while Session 2 (August session) workshops begin on 17 Aug.
  2. Days of workshops Workshops are only held on Mondays, Tuesdays, Thursdays and Fridays – Wednesdays are break days for students to take a break and tutors to evaluate for their teaching strategies.
  3. Tournament
    1. The workshop culminates into a tournament held on 29 & 30 Aug 2015 (Sat & Sun). Preliminary debate rounds will be held for the whole day on 29 Aug, while the public speaking contest, debate semi- and Grand Finals will be held on 30 Aug.
    2. Format used will be 3-vs-3 style with POIs (Points of Information). The format will be taught during the workshop.
    3. A review session will be held for Session 1 schools due to the long time elapsed between their workshop and the tournament. Tentatively, it will be held on 27 August (Thurs).

The PowerPoint slides can be found here.

Photos of the day can be found on the post at HKIDO’s website.:-

This slideshow requires JavaScript.


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