About Flashpoint

Flashpoint is a non-profit organisation which provides training in English public speaking, debating, general knowledge and critical thinking to underprivileged students across Hong Kong. It was founded in 2013 by James Lo (LSE) and Natalie So (Cambridge), and has since grown to serve over 1000 students, with a regular tutor base of over 50. Since 2014, it has been a subsidiary under the Hong Kong Schools Debating and Public Speaking Community Ltd., a registered charity patroned by the Chief Justice of Hong Kong.

Over the past few years, Hong Kong education has witnessed a dramatic shift from mere recitation towards holistic development. Core subjects such as Liberal Studies demand more than a textbook – they require student initiative, social awareness and critical thinking.

Flashpoint realizes that debating is a crucial skill in preparing students for the challenges of modern education. Debating encourages understanding of both local and international issues, develops argumentative thought, and nurtures an empowering sense of confidence – all of which are central to succeeding in the HKDSE. Unfortunately, opportunities to access the top levels of debating have been limited. Training programmes are often expensive, and large-scale tournaments tend to use knockout systems that limit competitive experience for junior teams.

Flashpoint seeks to bridge that gap in training, by providing top-level support free-of-charge. To maximize the academic benefits of this programme, our training material will be linked to the Liberal Studies syllabus, providing the most intellectually stimulating activity outside the classroom.

As a group of passionate student debaters, debating has changed how we think, speak and write. We hope Flashpoint will do the same for countless students who may not have had similar opportunities in the past.

Join us to make a difference.


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