For Participants

The details of the 2015 Tournament are yet to be finalised, during the course of the Summer Workshop. Stay Tuned!


On 27 July 2013, Flashpoint will be hosting a one-day tournament for all participants. This page seeks to explain all relevant details.


1. Date and Time

Date: 27 July 2013 (Saturday)

Time: 08:00-17:30 


2. Venue and Map

Venue: Yew Chung International School (Secondary Section)

Please register at the entrance and then proceed to the auditorium. Directions will be given across the school.

3 To Fuk Road
Hong Kong
+852 2338 7106


3. Schedule

0800-0830: Introduction to Tournament

0830-0930: Preparation for Preliminary Round 1

0930-1030: Preliminary Round 1 Debate

1030-1130: Preparation for Preliminary Round 2

1130-1230: Preliminary Round 2 Debate

1230-1315: Lunch

1315-1515: Preliminary Round 3

1515-1615: Guest Speeches/Grand Finals Preparation

1615-1730: Grand Finals, Feedback and Conclusion

*: As part of the spirit of the competition, all participants are obliged to stay for the Grand Finals, even if they do not compete in it.


 4. Lunch Arrangements

A fee of $40 per participant will be charged for lunch, which will be provided by Flashpoint. This will be collected at registration.

Should you have any specific dietary requirements, please send an email to immediately so that we can make alternative arrangements!


5. Dress code

Formal. All participants must be dressed in a suit, or a suitably formal dress.


6. Format



  1. Speaking time: 4 minutes for all 4 speeches
  3. Preparation time is 50 minutes. In the first 25 minutes, students will discuss on their own, electronic devices are ALLOWED during this period. In the second 25 minutes, tutors will enter the rooms to assist preparation.


  1. All members are allowed to enter the preparation room.
  2. Only 4 speakers speak; who these speakers are should be determined in the preparation time.


7. Preparation Needed


  • $40 for lunch
  • Stationery, cue cards, notebooks or any other materials you may need for a debate.
  • Electronic devices: a laptop, tablet or phone for research if necessary in the preliminary rounds. Internet Wifi connection will be available throughout the school.
  • A fresh and open mind up for a challenge. 


8. Grand Finals: Audience Invitation 

The Grand Finals, alongside a guest presentation by Mr. Ronny Tong Ka-wah SC, will be open to public. Should any of your friends, parents, teachers and junior students wish to attend the event, please reserve a place through the following online form!

More details are available on our Facebook page:

We have less than 100 seats of the nearly 400 seats available. Act fast!


9. Grand Finals Motion

Grand Finals teams will still have 1 hour of preparation before the debate, but the Grand Finals motion is released now to ensure a reasonable standard for the day’s climax:

This house believes that tutorial centers are more effective than traditional schooling.

Please feel free to prepare for it – as practice or otherwise!


10. Teacher Adjudication

Though Flashpoint will have around 30 tutors present as adjudicators, we believe teachers would be an ideal choice to adjudicate the debates – if you would like to act as adjudicator, please send us an email at with your contact details, and which round you would like to judge!


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